John Simons Sale

To the British Ivy cognoscenti John Simons is known simply as ‘The Guvnor’. He opened his legendary Ivy Shop in 1964 selling the best selection of imported American clothing in London.
Generally considered to be the leading figure in promoting Ivy League culture his shop in Russell Street, Covent Garden was a mecca for us north London lads in the 80s.
However I’ve written too much about all that recently (book out at the end of the month, honest to God la) so all I’ll say is his reasonably new shop situated at 46 Chiltern Street (a short stroll from Marylebone High Street) is rather excellent. As their website says, “It represents all that is unique about the John Simons ethos, bringing together his lifelong passions for art, design, Modern Jazz and quality menswear, into a new and vibrant configuration.”
Oh it also sells bloody brilliant clothes. Old established labels, vintage stock, new labels including the John Simons Apparel brand along with shoes, clothes and accessories from Britain, Europe and the good old US of A.
The great news is that his winter sale starts this weekend and for those that don’t know the shop or the man check out their website at:

But don’t look at buying online as they don’t do such ridiculously modern things which makes them even better in my eyes. They are, however, more than willing to chat to you on the phone…

Winter Sale!
Starts Saturday 5th January
11am to 6pm

John Simons Store
46 Chiltern St,
London W1U 7QR

Enquiries / orders by phone welcome: 02034902729


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