This Day in 1976

Released this day in 1976, Anarchy In the UK by the Sex Pistols is still one almighty record.
I’ve always been a Clash man and only caught the later revival shows by the Pistols (I was there at the Casino gig – as they were – but unfortunately they didn’t perform); however I have to say for me this is one of the greatest records of all time.
I bought the single from Trevor Smiths book and record shop in Wigan. My diary tells me that I also bought Don’t Cry For Me Argentina by Julie Covington at the same time, noting that the Sex Pistols record was, “surprisingly good”.
Over the next few days, weeks and months I think I realised it was a bit better than that as Punk Rock took over our social lives with Julie Covington and others being hidden away for a few years.
On the rare occasions I hear it now it still rattles out of the speakers. Lydon’s vocals are incredible while – forget what the prog rockers said back then – Matlock, Jones and Cook drive the song forward with spit and venom. It is still angry, incendiary and powerful. It is three-and-a-half minutes that – while it didn’t change the world – certainly shook it up for a while.
Forty-three years later and how we could do with another Anarchy In The UK “moment” right now!

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