The Perfect Pair of Strides

Has anybody ever bought a pair of trousers that a) fit and b) look okay straight away?

Now, I know I’m a short arse and I always have to have them tailored but i reckon unless you’re a big tall fucker that slips into a 34 inch waist and 35 inch inside leg then trousers will always look pretty crap.
This, I feel is reflected in the fact that most fellas don’t really spend that much time on buying kecks. I mean you hear about fellas that are into their jackets, their trainers, their shoes but when have you ever heard of anybody being a “trouser man”?
Yes, plenty are into their jeans, selvedge denim and I can see that – even though I can’t get my head around the prices. however most just seem to grab what they can jeans and trousers-wise. a pair of Levi’s from Debenhams or a pair of cords from Marksies. None of this searching the internet, travelling to that certain shop to buy that certain jacket when it comes to trousers.
I mean it’s just a case of work pants, a decent pair for a do and then a mix of jeans and cords for most. Which is really odd as your legs are pretty much half your body in length etc.
There is very little you can do to trousers, in that they are the just two legs. You can add pockets, alter the width and cut, some are baggier than other and some are even flared at the bottom. but in general they vary little.
The Friday night Disco Dave’s may follow the trends but most of us stick to what we know and suit us. For me it’s simple. Slim not skinny, tapered to 16 inch bottoms, decent high rise, just a little too short and in sensible muted colours. I’ll admit that most of mine are from Marksies for the simple fact that they are reasonably priced and when altered to suit there is very little difference with brands and makes that cost four times as much. Also I have enough pairs to rotate and thus keep in decent nick so I’m just about okay with that. But I keep thinking I must up my game…
The way to do that, of course, is made-to-measure and I must go there one day just to see what it’s like to have a pair of trousers that actually fit (hopefully) perfect.
Maybe one day I’ll be down at George The Tailor’s or Charlie Allen’s being measured up for a nice pair of strides. But until then I’ll stick to where I’m at now.
I’m sure we’re all pretty much the same but please always remember to make the effort as there is no doubt that however good your jacket and shoes look if you’ve a pair of horrendous kecks separating the two then you’ll look a right div.
And trust me there are a lot of right divs out there…

Photos © George the Tailor

Check out George here

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