Welcome Back?

I sort of missed this…
Now, I knew the rights to the title of The Face had been acquired but didn’t know they were actually relaunching the magazine. Looks like I’ll have to pick a copy up to see what’s what.
See what’s changed, what’s the same.
To be fair I bought almost every copy of the original The Face. I bought a copy each month long after it had stopped appealing to me. The heady days were over and if truth be told my heart was lost when sister magazine Arena was launched in 1986.
It was no longer my magazine and quite rightly so…
I and the magazine had moved on and by 1988 it was now for the ravers and misbehavers. It wasn’t for me but still, still I read it. Just to keep up with the kids, work out what was happening or just gaze at photos of Kate Moss. To be honest it was all about Kate Moss really.
But I digress.
I no longer have any copies – yeah, yeah I know – but I did het the great book by Paul Gorman The Story of The Face a couple of years. It’s a tremendous – and beautiful – book and well worth a purchase if you don’t have it.
As for the new magazine? We’ll see. Let’s hope it is as entertaining, irreverent, influential and informative as the original magazine was back then, back then when it was sporadically magnificent.
It chronicled the 1980s like nothing else and we must thank publisher Nick Logan for that.
Now let’s see if WH Smith has this new one in…

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