Idiots Run The World – But it’s Not Over

John Dredge describes himself on Twitter as a “Purveyor of silly comedy and sensible guitar pop songs” which is underselling himself, really.

I’d replace the “silly” with “very clever” as I don’t really do “silly” and Dredge makes me – if not laugh out loud then – chuckle to myself (no mean feat in these worrying times) on a daily basis. I mean just check out his “How to speak Scottish in a cheese shop” tutorial on twitter. In fact maybe it is bloody silly – as well as clever – but it didn’t half make me giggle.

Then of course there are the radio shows and podcasts which are a must-listen to…

John Dredge’s comedy is gentle, subtle and in the darkening world of comedy a “light” at the end of the tunnel.

As for the “sensible pop songs” then, yep I’ll go with that but with the release of his The Plinthsmania EP then “very clever” can be added to that as well. And if there is a more apt song at this moment in than time than lead track Idiots Run The World then I’d like to hear it. Oh and the video’s ace as well…

All the Rage is quite beautiful, Spying on The Spies isn’t what it seems to be while Where I Used To Be is a nostalgic trip back to some “hazy distant land”.

His band The Plinths’ sensible pop however is more than “clever” – it is melodic, tender, humane and catchy. If that “less is more” early 80s indie-pop (ala Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, Nick Heyward etc) is your bag then dip your toes in here and drink in Dredge’s vocals that recall Housemartins-era Paul Heaton and early Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian.

The EP is quite simply a pure joy!

The four track EP is available to stream here

Meanwhile check out what’s going on at Dredgeland here


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