Let Hebtroco explain…
Our British Standard T-shirts are made from 100% Supima Star cotton. It’s the best in the world. It comes to the UK from California because that’s where it grows and we know that the processes involved are up to scratch ethically.
Once we’ve got the cotton it doesn’t travel far before it ships to you from Hebden Bridge Post Office. Raw cotton is spun into yarn in Manchester. Knitted into cloth in Leicester. Made into t-shirts in Blackburn. Finally the sizing, washing instructions and optional chest and back print are screen printed with care in Slaithwaite.
Get them here

Information from Hebden Trouser Company‘s excellent Facebook page where they always explain in great detail how their clothes are made. Then in true Facebook style they are given loads of abuse! Hebtroco are one of the good guys and deserve everybody’s support as they continue to make fantastic ‘Made in the UK’ clothing and accessories. #thosethatknowknow

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