Landfill Crew

The thing about Rancid and all the offshoot bands and projects from the Californian punk rockers is that every they do is excellent.
The new project from Tim Armstrong and Jamaican Dancehall star Tippa Lee is no exception.
It’s called The Landfill Crew. The lineup is Tippa Lee – Lead Vocals; Tim Timebomb – Vocals / Guitar; Kevin Bivona – Bass / Background Vocals; Dash Hutton – Drums / Background Vocals; John Morrical – Piano / Melodica. The band has just released a double 7-inch EP via Pirates Press records. Armstrong described the project, “The Landfill Crew is a fictional animated punk rock band set in the 1980s. I play one of the characters named Bagga and my friend Tippa Lee plays the character Hux. Tippa Lee is one of my favourite Jamaican vocalists that has been recording reggae music in Kingston since the early ’80s. J Bonner animated the videos and helped develop the characters. Hope you guys enjoy this 4 song EP it as much as we do.”

Basically think Gorillaz but loads better!

But don’t take my word for it, check out the first two animated videos below, right now.


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