Will Grigg

Thanks Will

Players come, players go… That’s sport and football in particular.
Make no mistake Will Grigg leaving Wigan Athletic is a huge blow to the football club and its fans.
On the surface, it makes little sense but dig a bit deeper and maybe it does…
Let’s be straight here, for whatever reason, Grigg hasn’t hit the heights this season. In fact, he has only played a part in 18 of the 29 league games, pocketing five goals. Is he injured? Does Cook not “fancy him”?
I’m not sure and I guess we will never know.
What we do know is that in League One he has been nothing short of sensational. First time up he got 25 goals in 40 games and then 19 in 43 as two promotions followed. Add in the fact, at League One level, that he got 19 goals in 41 games with Walsall and 20 in 44 at MK Dons you have to accept Grigg is one major talent at that level.
With him now leaving Latics, the question mark over whether he can do it at Championship level unfortunately remains. Also, throw in the fact that Michael O’Neil at Northern Ireland evidently also didn’t really “fancy him” at international level may also be telling. I guess unless he can fire Sunderland to the Championship and do it with them then the question will remain.
Personally, outpacing John Stones and Kyle Walker and slotting against Manchester City on that glorious night answers any questions for me. I have never doubted him while he has been at the New Springfield and never will.
We will see…
All that said it is a massive blow to Wigan Athletic fans. Because Grigg was a bit special. He had that twinkle in his eye. All the girls wanted to shag him and the boys wanted to be him. Add into the mix that song and it all meant something. His name was the name on most of the kids’ shirts and there is a reason for that. He came across as a great fella. He was, and is, a bit different. He’s the kid that went to a grammar school, played rugby union and, it felt, came to football a bit late in today’s scheme of things. It just feels that there was a little more about his persona. He looked at ease when doing the community stuff or meeting the kids. Basically, he just comes over as a bloody decent fella. A decent fella that when he got in the penalty area would explode.
He is a natural goalscorer and they are few and far between at all levels. Those players have that special something running through their bones and when you have those players you cherish and love them.
Latics fans love(d) Will Grigg. I guess more than anybody else. He gave them some incredible moments none more so than the final game of last season at Doncaster. Has “Will Grigg’s on Fire” ever been sung with such gusto and utter, utter joy? Yeah, alright maybe in that pub in Blackpool…
There was a wonderful connection to Grigg. It was a bit different and for all those above reasons it is a big blow him leaving. Of course, the dreaded, manufactured Sky-sponsored bollocks that is “Deadline Day” made it even worse for folk.
I didn’t follow it and only saw the news this morning but if you are that way inclined then it must have been heartbreaking.
However, however… We move on. As I wrote at the top of this piece – footballers move on. That old adage that you should never get too close to players is true. But it is part of supporting a football club. You are bound to get close to players. They make and break your weekends but you have to move on. In life, you have to move on. Personally, that’s why I’m a modernist. It’s all about changing and embracing the future and it is the same with football.
We move on.
We welcome Danny Fox and welcome back Leon Clarke, who said himself that he has a point to prove. And we welcome in one of our own. A kid that has been brought up and schooled in Wigan and is at an exciting point in his career.
This season it has been a joy to watch the future England captain Reece James and hopefully we’ll now be able to see the beginning of a successful career for Beni Baningime.
What we also do is celebrate Beni’s brother Divin’s Latics’ generation that are doing brilliantly with the 18s and the development sides. We look forward to seeing how their careers go. I have it on good authority that this current crop are as good as anything we have had and in Joe Geldhardt we have somebody that is a class above.
We look forward. But at this moment we get behind the team and the club.
Will Grigg is, and always will be, a legend at Wigan Athletic, we thank him for his service and the joy he has given us while the club has potentially £4m in their coffers.
At this actual moment, it doesn’t feel great but we’ll cope.
We always do. We’re Wigan. We’ll have a beer and a laugh. We’re Tics. That’s what really matters…


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