Love Me Back

Well, well what have we got here?
Just the first new song from London trio RITUAL in a year and what a song it is.
Taken from their upcoming Dreamers Never Learn album the London trio has linked up with Swedish songstress Tove Styrke to produce an absolute banger of a tune called Love Me Back.
RITUAL have often mined a very dark groove but from somewhere – namely a supreme talent – they have come up with a modern-day pop classic.
Co-written with Emily Warren – who has worked with Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers and Shawn Mendes amongst others – the song ticks all today’s boxes (featured female artist, booming chorus, and emotionally-charged instrumentation). It is quite simply brilliant.
Speaking about Love Me Back and Dreamers Never Learn Adam Midgely from RITUAL says: “Musically, I see it as somewhere between a modern electronic pop brand that has features with big artists.
“Like a Daft Punk, Disclosure or Marshmello.
“What is their point of difference?
“[It has] real soul and depth, with meaning and emotion behind the lyrics that are all interconnected. And there’s this indie melancholy about it that’s more in keeping with the great British guitar bands like The Smiths right thru to Coldplay.”
While we await the album with great excitement, for now, let’s just enjoy three minutes of perfect pop music.
Oh, and the video is not too shabby either…

Meanwhile here is a quick message from RITUAL explaining what they have been up to this past year.

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