Snow Frolic

Well, there is a smattering of snow but not much more. Hopefully, we’ll get plenty and while I’m far too old to be building snowmen or dropping snowballs down mates’ backs I still would like to see a good bit of the white stuff fall this winter.
I mean I’ve got duffle coats to wear. Plus I want to pretend I’m Ryan O’Neal and frolic in the snow with Ali McGraw
Come on, Ryan O’Neal is quite simply the best-dressed man in cinema and (well) Ali McGraw is gorgeous.
Of course, Ryan and Ali frolic in that great schmaltzy film Love Story that was a huge box office hit at the beginning of the seventies.
It’s a simple, beautiful film and you know what you are in for when a forlorn Oliver Barrett IV (O’Neal)’s opening lines are – “What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl who died? That she was beautiful and brilliant? That she loved Mozart and Bach, the Beatles, and me?”
The action then pans back to when the rich Harvard boy meets the poor Italian-American and they fall in love. Simple story, simply executed and beautifully acted.
Add in a perfect Oscar-winning musical score that helps to tug the heartstrings, marvellous Cambridge, Mass. sights/sites and a lovely understated performance by Ray Milland as O’Neal’s WASP father and that is about it.
Romantic films don’t come much better than this. It is exquisite…

Here is a beautiful version of Snow Frolic from the film’s soundtrack – this time by Martin Böttcher.

O’Neal’s sheepskin jacket – oh my!

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