Bar buying a number of the records that were released and watching Quadrophenia I was never into the mod revival scene. I was probably a couple of years too old for it as it was undoubtedly a youth scene. A very big youth scene.
I do however love reading about the late 50s and early 60s and especially the original mod and modernist scenes.
I also like a good fanzine so it will be good to delve into this world.

Here’s the BLURB

Modzines is an original book that documents the fast living world of fanzines during the Mod revival years, fully illustrated with original artwork and photography.
Leading figures from the scene including fanzine editors, bands, DJ s, promoters, journalists and main faces are interviewed providing exclusive behind the scenes stories, anecdotes and memories. Fully illustrated with original, rare artwork from key issues as well as front covers and spreads from celebrated fanzines Direction Reaction Creation; Extraordinary Sensations; Roadrunner; Maximum Speed; Sense of Style; Sth Circular; Patriotic; Go Go; In The Crowd; Right Track; Beat That and many more.
Please note that this is a pre-order, the book will be sent out in time for release day on February 7th.

Available from Acid Jazz


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