Some guitars, drums and vocals…

There was “No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones” in 1978.
Well that’s what The Clash told us a year earlier. They were wrong but they were bloody superb so we’ll forgive the.
However 1978: Punk, post punk, disco, New Wave and whatever – we were out and about in Wigan. The music was magnificent and amongst it all The bleeding Rolling Stones go and release a single called Miss You and you know what? It’s bleeding great.
Disco beat with a great groove along with Mick’s world-weary slurred vocals that got the girls onto the dancefloor in Bluto’s.
We listened to it, loved it – then went back to listening to Talking Heads!
Of course Miss You was from The Stones album Some Girls and it passed us by completely.
It was only a few years ago that I heard it for the first time and what an incredible album it is.
Written mainly by Jagger – as Keith spent that period otherwise engaged with his various problems – and heavily influenced by the punk and disco scenes in New York.
It is the first album Ronnie Wood appears on and he gives it a right proper groove – as we said back in Bluto’s back then.
Sublime; from that opening track Miss You through to the final rip-roaring track Shattered.
The title track is Jagger at his best, drawling and teasing out some of the most cliched stereotypical lyrics on girls that you could ever hope to hear. But of course he pulls it off.
Ditto his country/bluesy drawl on Far Away Eyes.
Then there are the guitars. At times three guitarists all wigging out!
It is one magnificent album.
Probably The Stones last magnificent album – just enjoy.


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