I love to binge watch TV/Film series over the Christmas period.

A time to myself where I can drift off and enjoy some quality TV. Plus get away from the utter Christmas dross. I’m sorry but utter fucking shite like Strictly, Midwife and that bollocks is the reason why we are stuck with this Brexit and Trump crap.

Watch dumbed-down telly and you get a dumbed down world. Yet out there (there) is some great stuff. Those that know, know so no point highlighting what is good and what isn’t.

This Christmas I watched Ken Burns and Lyn Novick’s groundbreaking 2017 series The Vietnam War. I saw it when it was on BBC Four but that was the truncated version. This time I took the whole series in on Netflix.

It is – quite simply – a magnificent piece of work that highlights the complete and utter fuck-up that was the Vietnam war. It is complicated, messy and absolutely heartbreaking.

It is graphic and sad and gives you an in-depth insight into the lives and deaths of young Americans and the life and death of America the nation.

Put simply – it is an outstanding work of art. Watch it!


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