The Art of Roxy Music

What is not to like about Roxy Music? No honestly what is not to like? In the early days innovating and exciting. Dangerous almost. In their latter days smooth and silky. Fronted by the best-looking man to ever walk this earth (and don’t @ me folks). Whether tuned up or all GI Joe. Just go on Spotify (other streaming sites are available) and listen to the albums (along with Ferry and – for that matter – Eno’s solo work) and enjoy.
But of course it’s much more than just the music. It was the overall image including the girls! Wow the girls. The girls on those album covers. Each album pretty featured the model du jour.
We all wanted to be Bryan Ferry, we all wanted to go out with Marilyn Cole. We “wanted” the girls on the Country Life cover. We still do. Ferry still does as Kate Moss was the model du jour on his 2010 Olympia album.
It was all part of Roxy Music. The art school band that put great art on their album (vinyl and covers).
And like great album covers great art school music is almost gone.
Where is the new Bryan Ferry? The bloke that blokes wanted to be and girls wanted to fuck? The answer he’s still out there and at the age of 73 he’s still cooler than any bloke out there.
Viva Roxy Music!

Meanwhile Bryan Ferry has released a new album with the Bryan Ferry Orchestra. 

It’s entitled Bitter-Sweet and is a remaking (and re-modelling) of some old songs. Jazzy, ebullient, sultry, sometimes sinister but always bloody great. Give it a whirl…

Meanwhile Friday 7 December


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