F**k Trump

I love America. 

Their films, their football, their baseball but most of all I love their clothes and music. 

From the moment I took that Ben Sherman shirt out of it’s box back in 1969 I was smitten. Of course Ben Sherman shirts were made by some geezer in Brighton but to us little suedeheads they were American button-downs – to go with our American brogues and smooths (made by some geezer called Frank Wright in London)…

Over the years – we learned about those clothes and now as we reach the autumn of our lives we know all about and love those classic mid-century American clothes. With the Italian and French influences that we mixed and continue to mix in – along with old British clothes. Amongst it all we still know about and love American schmutter. Not just shirts and shoes but coats and caps, socks and suits and everything that goes with the culture. 

The culture that surrounded those great clothes that we learnt about from television and film. 

Those great films. The Golden Age of Hollywood and those glorious actors and actors. 

And alongside the films were those glorious singers and musicians. Frank, Tony, Dean and Sammy. Miles, Coltrane, Brubeck and Coleman. And it was all about ‘the look’ and the music. 

And we stuck with the music. Oh the music. That wonderful music.

Swing, soul, rock and folk. West Coast, East Coast, Hip-Hop and Rap. Dylan, Springsteen, Gaye, Otis, Wonder, Nina, Ella and Billie. All the way through the sixties and seventies, the eighties until today. Always the same thoughts. Music, clothes, football, film and girls. Always referencing America.

America gives us all that. All this.

Listen to The War on Drugs now and tell me they aren’t one of the best rock and roll bands in the world. Go and watch Bruce when he’s over next time and feel the fucking power and warmth of this great man. Read Dylan’s lyrics, lay back and enjoy Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or just watch Samuel T Herring of Future Islands dance! Listen to Kamasi Washington and Cecile McLorin Savant and tell me you are not moved by Modern Jazz. Go and see the Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns exhibitions.

Take in the culture – the pop art culture.  

Then when you want to – sit back and watch Good Fellas for the hundredth time. Watch Robert De Niro – the greatest actor of his generation and enjoy the beauty and brilliance of his performances . Then get out the box sets of The Sopranos and The Wire and try and tell me that this isn’t the greatest television ever made.  

America and it’s culture. It has helped make us the people we are today. Us people that love art, music, film, clothes. 

Us people that understand and love culture… 

Then speak out against all the uncultured people that are having “their moment” right now. 

Yes – over there in America where the facist Donald Trump – a man that hasn’t a clue about any culture never mind his own country’s – is acting like Adolf Hitler. 

But before you speak out against Trump and the rest of the fascists watch Robert De Niro just one more time. 

And turn out in London on Friday 13 July 2018 when those uncultured bastards May, Rees-Mogg, Johnson et al roll out the red carpet for the Nazi bastard.

As The Clash said: “If Adolf Hitler flew in today – They’d send a limousine anyway.”



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