Summer Loving

neo hippies

Embrace the seasons, lads. Embrace the seasons…
I mean in Britain we are lucky in that we have four great seasons. It could be cold all year or boring bleeding hot for 12 months.
No, we get four quite brilliant seasons and now as summer kicks in (looks out of the window and sees nothing but clouds) it’s time to enjoy it all…
This is the season when the shorts come out the shades turn to pastel, floral patterns and linen cloths. Hawaiian shirts and shoes are worn ‘sans chaussettes’. Hats are donned to keep away the sun rather than the chill.
It took me years to appreciate it – and there is still nothing worse than working in hot weather – but summer is the season when you can not give a fuck about your clothes. By that I don’t mean don’t bother what you wear – for heaven’s sake don’t do that – but it’s a time when shirts are meant to fade and if you get sun cream on your shorts or chinos then just bloody well embrace it.
This is the season when your pumps or trainers should get sand in them and salt water marks on them. It’s the season when the sweat stain on the collar of your polo shirt makes it look better.
Madras shirts are made to bleed and Yves Klein blue Lacostes look a million times better caked in sweat on a beach in Santa Eulalia than they do in a bar in St Helens.
When the sun rises in July and and doesn’t set until September then shorts and chinos are meant to get battered. Threads are meant to hang from linen shirts and loafers are designed for – well – loafing about in.
Autumn and winter will soon be here. Then you can smarten up, wrap up and worry about the cut of your trousers, the cut of your jib.
But for now just put some Yacht Rock on your sound system, get a few cans of red Stripe in and embrace this summer season.


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