And she said woo

The song Shark Smile – and indeed the band it is by Big Thief – passed me by this time last year.
I heard it only a month or so back but I must have played it scores of times since then.
I love it.
But I would: I adore Bruce Springsteen, love all the lo-fi indie music that has been coming out of America these last few years and more than that love a good road song.
And if you don’t then – maybe just maybe – give your head a good wobble.
I mean how can you not like Jonathan Richman’s Roadrunner?
However if you do love Roadrunner then Big Chief’s Shark Smile is the road song for now.
Written by lead singer Adrianne Lenker it is a road song that ends in tragedy.
A road song that rocks and rolls with screeching guitars yet deep down is somehow raw, tragic yet endearing.
It evokes the spirit of Springsteen’s Nebraska.
Lenker and her New York cohorts have produced a beautiful love song to her doomed lover with a soaring chorus, driving guitars and with words such as: “Evelyn’s kiss was oxygen “I leaned over to take it in – As we went howling through the edge of south Des Moines” what’s not to like.



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