Like many people with too much time on my hands and not enough money I spend a lot of time looking at clothes on the internet.
Sad I know but it’s a hobby.
There are a lot worse hobbies – such as watching Formula 1, watching soap operas and a million other things.
Anyhow a lot of the clothes are modern and crap, vintage and unaffordable, Japanese and ungetinable and reissues of things we liked in the past.
The most recent reissue I saw announced and thought I’ll have a bit of that was a pair of adidas Forest Hills; that beautiful training shoe so beloved of men of a certain age.
I took one look and thought, “That looks nothing like I remember it.”
Ah well a few quid saved…
Of course this is almost always the case.
However something dropped in my inbox today from Retro to Go detailing a nice little reissue from Fred Perry.
It’s a replica of their 1979 twin-tipped Fred Perry shirt and you know what it looks just like I remember it.
Now back in 1979 I was a new boy down in London and I along with every other bugger had one of these polo shirts.
They were bloody great and I – and I know loads of others – wore it to death.
It went brilliantly with the parka for a month or so and the MA-1 flight jacket for a year or so.
Buttoned up to the top the sky blue and navy collar down and never popped this simple white shirt was a staple around town all the time listening to The Specials, Madness, The Beat, The Selecter and a whole lot more.
It was a great time for music in general and Two-tone in particular.
The Polo shirt, the whole look, the DMs and that great lively, political music when – despite all those we all fucked art and just danced.
Like everything the music died out, the fashions changed, the shirt got grubby but hey it was all absolutely marvellous for that year or so.
But now we can all relive that time with this terrific polo shirt.
All a bit chunkier now, not so naive and now shuffling rather than skanking on the dancefloor but hey let’s fucking dance.

“Bring back the
Who is the
We want the
Bring back the Prince…”

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