Put a cap on it…

It will soon be winter cap time and thank God for that! I bloody love my caps and hats as much as I love my jackets and shoes so for me the sooner the temperature dips the better for me.

Bearing all this in mind I have just picked up a couple of new ones for this Fall/Winter (get me the fashionista git) from a new name to me; Diefenthal & Sohn.

They are from Germany and here is what their agent says about them:

Diefenthal & Sohn takes off the hat and introduces itself as a brand for hats and caps with history and a sense for the heritage of hat making. Pia Diefenthal, the 4th generation of hat makers and businessmen, and her partner Thomas Rüttgers created a new brand – influenced by their sense for quality and design – which is not only ‘Made in Europe’, but also stands for a lasting quality and alive tradition.
If it’s a bowler, a fedora or a baker boy cap, the classic designs convince not only hat lovers, but everyone who loves classic style and high quality.

Hats off!


As far as I can see they are available in American Classics (shop and online) and in the shop at John Simons.

Not cheap mind but they are quite simply superb.


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