Is this the life we really want?


It may have been 25 years since his last solo album but Roger Waters has turned those 25 years of anger into an incredible and beautiful album.

Is This the Life We Really Want? is at times bleak, always angry and stunningly cinematic. With Nigel Goodrich – the sixth Radiohead and ultimate Floyd fanboy – at the controls this is an album of blips, outtakes and spoken interludes all intertwining wonderfully with the sheer musicianship skill that always shines through. Add in Waters’ terrifically aged voice that crackles and soars in equal parts and the angriest lyrics by anybody for many years.

Full of “fucks” and “shits” this is a 73-year-old man that whose anger is a) at breaking point and b) totally justified, This is music for right now. A time of idiot presidents and capitalist war machines.


Totally and absolutely relevant and another incredible piece of music for 2017.



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