Crafted in England


I love the way that Walsh just get on with it. There’s none of all this ‘released at 9pm our latest made in China’ bollocks about them.
They simply make great trainers that those in the know pick them up when and where they feel like it.
The last few months has seen their Craftsman Project introduce some great trabs. The tweeds are something else but the current batch of the running shoes that they have faithfully re-imagined for casual wear, reflects a perfect duality of form and function.
Each colourway lends itself directly from the Walsh performance collection, the PB Elite, Racer and Ultra X’treme. A blend of luxurious leathers and suedes gives the shoe a supple, seductive bearing, while the densely woven VentileL24 cotton body, gives the shoe a breathable yet water and weather resilient protection against the seasons, all combined to the iconic studded sole of the PB trainers, preserving the highly tuned performance aspects of the shoe.
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