Amazing Journey


I don’t normally ‘do football’ on here but I’m making the exception as this is about a mate’s book. Entitled Amazing Journey by Brett Lewis the book charts the author’s journey watching Boreham Wood Football Club from 2008 as they rose to the National League.

A former Tottenham Hotspur season ticket holder and regular on the terraces at White Hart Lane he gradually drifted away from top tier football as family, work and real-life got in the way.

Then – one day in 2008 – finding himself with nothing to do he took his two-year-old daughter Sara to a match between his now-local club Boreham Wood and relegation rivals Carshalton and was smitten.

This is his story of watching a non-League football club and gradually falling in love with Boreham Wood and non-League football in general.

As the same way that football is not only about the 90 minutes of football played on match-day this is a book not just about football. It is also about family, friendship, music, his best mate (and son) Harry, life and dodgy burgers. In fact the balance between facts, figures, humorous tales and drunken escapades is spot-on!

It’s a lovely read and if you like (and understand) football and football culture you won’t fail to enjoy it. You’ll also see how it really has been an Amazing Journey for both Brett and Boreham Wood Football Club. A credit to the man and the excellent football club that is Boreham Wood FC!

ps the chapter headings are all song titles and you can find a Spotify playlist of those songs right here

An absolutely great selection (well apart from Simply bloody Red) 😉

pps you can buy the book here

ppps if anybody that knows me wants a signed copy direct from the author I’m sure I can arrange it for you



Amazing Journey is a story told by Brett Lewis about the period between 2008 and 2015, watching his local football club, Boreham Wood FC, in Hertfordshire. The story starts with Brett at a loose end one Saturday afternoon, trying to think of ways to entertain his two-year-old daughter, and ends after an amazing journey following Boreham Wood FC during what happened to be the most successful period in its then sixty-seven year history. This book isn’t purely about boring football facts and figures (although there are some!) but crosses over into Brett’s family life, giving a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek account of Boreham Wood’s rise to the fifth tier of English football and Brett’s experiences during this period. The title, “Amazing Journey” says it all. The period from 2008 to 2015 has been an amazing journey for Boreham Wood Football Club and for Brett Lewis personally.


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