Got to say I’m having a bit of a glove-in with these Hestra gloves that Oi Polloi have got in. They’ve a number of styles but those yellow ones are a bit special.

Here’s what the boys from Cottonoplis have to say about the company:

Hestra is a family owned company dedicated to the noble art of glove-making. The brand was founded in 1936 when a young Swede by the name of Martin Magnusson decided he was tired of cold hands and frostbite, and started to manufacture gloves in his native town of Hestra. These were originally designed for the local lumberjacks, but, a year after starting up, a ski slope was opened nearby. This attracted people from far and wide, and soon Hestra became the gloves of choice for anyone with hands.

Nearly 80 years later, Hestra still rule the glove world with an iron fist (and a warm one at that), making gloves for everyone from fighter pilots to the Swedish ski team. Made from top-quality materials like deerskin and wool, their gloves are tried and tested hand-warmers perfect for the colder months.

And the yellow ones:

The Hestra tricot Gloves — a slick pair of gloves made from deerskin, goat leather and wondrous wool. These are probably the ‘un-bulkiest’ Hestra gloves we sell, great for driving and the occasional diamond heist.



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