You Want it Darker


What a year this has been for albums.

I’ll try and pull my favourites together in December but I can safely say that Leonard Cohen’s latest will be right up there. It was never going to be anything else as the 82-year-old Cohen has been in exhilarating form these last few years.

I won’t try to review the album as it is one to be listened to – on your own, with your own thoughts and Cohen’s spoken/sung lyrics whirling around your head.

You’d probably expect a man of his age to be contemplating the end and a lot of this album appears to be Len having a good old chinwag with God but then again he was doing that in his twenties.

All I’d say is that this album is quite simply beautiful.

If you love Cohen then you know the script if not then give this excellent New Yorker article a read.  Otherwise just rejoice there’s a new Cohen album out there.


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