Love Walsh/Love Tweed?

Then you’l be made up with the new Craftsman Project over at Norman Walsh.

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Craftsman Project
Birthing some of the most influential and revolutionary minds ever, the Great British Empire was once the zenith of the world, the global epicentre of the industrial economy, with the North West of England at the centre of textile innovation and manufacture. On the dawn of the industrial revolution, household workshops were replaced, large mills and towns throughout Lancashire and Yorkshire were erected to comply with the growing demand for the spinning and weaving industry. While most of the British (and Global) manufacturing industry dwindled to a halt and found production overseas, a handful of determined and experienced craftsmen continued to produce in Great Britain, proving themselves against the test of time and economic struggle. It is these masters of craft who lead the new age renaissance, using traditional methods of craft passed down through generations, with a pedigree of consistent quality, their rich heritage is deeply embedded in the history of their industry and country. Each style in the Craftsman Project has been carefully constructed to encapsulate the values and quality, both of the materials and manufactures used, and the processes undertaken making the shoes.

Get them ‘ere



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