Scott Fagan


I’ve just heard this fella Scott Fagan on the Robert Elms Radio Show. I’d never heard of him before but wow. The album South Atlantic Blues was released in 1968 and it is quite sensational. It has now been re-released and Fagan is touring the UK for the first time. Get onto him folks.

But before that a bit of background press:

That Scott Fagan never became a major star is mystifying. His is a story of extraordinary talent and monumental potential confounded by a series of frustrating near-misses, all of which conspired to obscure him from the public eye for decades. 

A teenage prodigy mentored and managed by songwriters Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, who almost became Apple Records’ first non-Beatles album release. 

His debut album, South Atlantic Blues, is a genuine lost classic — a mystical, mythical and deeply soulful masterpiece. Recorded when Scott was just 21, virtually homeless and with pennies to his name, it was released in 1968 but remained obscure. Steeped in delicate psych, soul and resonant acoustic guitars it’s an epic song cycle about Fagan’s life struggles. Reissued last year the album heralds the rediscovery of a major talent, one that should finally see Scott Fagan accorded his place in the canon of popular music alongside his better-known 60s and 70s peers.

“A taste of Scott Walker, a flicker of Bowie, Lou Reed and Tim Hardin, but a sound that is purely and utterly Fagan.”
The Guardian

“Scott Fagan’s time has come at last.”
The Quietus


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