The Big Book of Birds of Britain: John d Green


This looks absolutely stunning from Snap Galleries.

So without further ado here is the press release…

Greetings pop-culture vultures.

Today we start the pre-launch offer period for The Big Book of Birds of Britain – a lavish large-format limited edition book of photographs by John d Green from his 1966/67 Birds of Britain archives.

What’s the skinny ?

Birds of Britain (1967) was published to worldwide acclaim almost 50 years ago. The book featured John d Green’s strikingly individual, unconventional and witty portraits of 58 of the girls who made London swing – actresses, models, aristocrats, fashion designers, boutique owners and pop singers.

The cover featured a close-up colour portrait of Pattie Boyd, scrunching her nose to try and shake off a beetle painted with a union jack, while inside the covers, the spectacular portraits were all black and white.

The Big Book of Birds of Britain (2017) is a sequel to the original, much bigger physically, and containing a wealth of previously unpublished material, alongside a selection of the most important photographs from the original book.

You can see a couple of sample spreads below – and more on the website.

We are also launching our new website today – perfect timing – because John’s incredible photographs are the ideal showcase for many of the design features of the new site. I really hope that you can spare a few minutes in your day to read more about The Big Book, and take in some of the beautiful images that will feature in it.

Make sure you check out the website for all the info on this wonderful book along with all the other great projects they have on the go:
More info

The pre-order window is open, and the pre-launch offer is now on.

Guy White, Director, Snap Galleries/ Ormond Yard Press







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