Gets out diary and notes the opening date…

I mean what’s not to like? A bloody exhibitions about beards and in collaboration with a beard historian. I mean what a bloody job. I could do that. I’ve had a beard for years way before these new lot gone onto it.

Put me down for a ticket now.

Here’s the BLURB.

The Age of the Beard: Putting On A Brave Face in Victorian Britain

Florence Nightingale Museum
18th November 2016 to until 30th April 2017

This winter, the Florence Nightingale Museum attempts to unravel the astonishing appeal of mutton chops, goatees and the most flamboyant of moustaches with a photographic exhibition and season of special events dedicated to the Great British Beard. What is a Soup Strainer? Or a Thigh Tickler? Find out at the Florence Nightingale Museum this winter – if you dare.

In collaboration with Beard historian Dr Alun Withey, the Nightingale Museum will showcase the best of Victorian facial hair, including some bristly soldiers that Florence Nightingale herself might have nursed. Our hairy celebrations will be brought up to date with a series of events including beard and moustache trimming and styling in the museum and a quiz to test your beardy knowledge. A Christmas panto – Bluebeard, of course – will provide outrageous hirsute fun for adults only.

This season of events is generously supported by the Wellcome Trust.


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