It’s all about the shirt

Okay, okay I know we’ve banged on about these shirts before but these John Simons Madras shirts just keep getting better and better.

I love the colours; the muted and the brighter ones.

Shirts for me are my one concession to colour and a bit of flamboyance. I basically live in navy, olive and brown. Old autumnal Ivy colours. There’s a natural raincoat and Harrington in the wardrobe but mainly I adore those traditional hues.

Cord, linen, cotton, cashmere, seersucker, shetland, tweed, wool and waxed cotton yet always beneath it all a checked or striped shirt. Madras plaids, gingham checks and university stripes can all be found under a sweatshirt, sports jacket or classic crew neck sweater. It’s just the way it has always been. Well ever since I got too fat/skint/old for designer tat.

I just like the way a shirt sets an outfit off. I like the fact that you can expose the collar and cuffs and forget about the rest. A splash of colour and a roll of the collar.

Treat yourself to some great shirts. There are loads around but make sure you get it right. If you need to ask if it’s right it probably isn’t!

These shirts from John’s most definitely are!


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