Too Hot to Trot


It”s a loafers without socks type of day. It’s madras shirt and shorts weather.

An ice cold Spanish beer type of day.

Those boiling, sweltering, sweat drenching days that we one knew so well.

They come along less frequently nowadays but when they do come they hurt you hard.

It’s okay when you’re young but now, now as we get older we like the temperature when it drops a bit. When the mercury falls not rises.

We like it cool us northern Europeans. We like classy clothes, jackets, hats and scarves. We like ice cold Guinness in a pub in front of a roaring fire.

Stood on the terraces in our thick socks and workman’s boots. We like to see our own breath not feel a droplet of sweat falling off our noses.

We may like listening to Joni, Carole and Carly but we do not live in California. We live in the United Kingdom where it should rain, hail and snow.

Sod off sunshine – roll on the winter!


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