Proper decent this…


I went into Oi Polloi in Soho for a pair of socks and came out with a magazine. Oi Polloi head honchos – you need more Wigwam socks in big boy sizes in your London gaff. You also need that Good Measure sweatshirt in pretty quick. While it’s hot and nobody wants it then people like me that hate the hot bloody weather can pick it up while giving the Shuron sunglasses a swerve.

Anyhow Oi Polloi head honchos I did buy something and that was the latest issue of Proper Magazine and to be fair it’s a bloody blinder. Oh and it costs less than the socks.

Yeah to expand a little the issue is possibly the best the Stockport secretariat has produced. I could wax lyrical about the great Osti article or the Clarksies bit but sod it I’ll just copy and paste the bit from Proper’s site:


Massimo Osti Archive visit, including exclusive behind the scenes photography and interview with C.P Company Marketing Director Lorenzo Osti.

Ross Barkley on England and Nike Air Max.

Interview with our new favourite band Blossoms.

Exclusive photography from new book ‘The Smiths’ by Nalinee Darmrong.

Andy Mitten on the uneasy relationship between Manchester United’s hardcore support and the England national team.

Russ Gater on the rivalry between his own Crystal Palace and his local team Brighton and Hove Albion.

A glimpse into the dusty dungeon of Oi Polloi’s Nigel Lawson where he reveals a collection of shoes which are comfortable, cool and made by Clarks.

Loads and loads more. This is the biggest issue for some considerable time. It’s also our best, we’re comfortable in making that boast.

And if all that doesn’t convince you to buy it – on page 15 there is a photograph of a girl wearing Casual Connoisseur‘s Dead Hard tee shirt that is the most phwoar thing I’ve seen since Pan’s People last graced our screens.

Pick your cover and buy it here: Proper





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