Michael Parrett: Television “Wake up, wake up use your mind”

Television Michael Parrett

Anybody that drops into this blog – on even on an infrequent basis – will realise that we have a lot of time for sixties and seventies music, clothing and culture. It’s hard not to when you were 14 in 1972, 18 in 1976 and so on. But it’s not about looking back. It it was we would have all given up bothering after Love released Forever Changes!

No it’s all about taking those those influences and moving forward. It’s always been about that and it always will. Be in buying a new pair of shoes or the latest slab of heavy viynl. Yeah it’s great that The Monkees have some new product out but it’s even better that the likes of Paul Orwell has a new album out. And if you haven’t bought Paul’s new album Organized Blues then you better give your head a wobble and be quick before they go. The reason we like Orwell’s new instruMENTAL album is quite simply because he takes all those influences from the sixties and brings it bang up to date. A proper wig-out for 2016.

It is through Orwell’s brand of psyche-pop that we have come across Michael Parrett. Michael plays in Orwell’s live band while at the same time produces his own music and his latest release Television is quite simply bloody marvellous!

Produced by Orwell it is a slice of psych-pop fused with glam, Rolling Stones licks, T Rex grooves, pertinent lyrics and a killer of a hook. Add to that Parrett with bags of attitude looks like how rock stars should look and all the above can be seen and in the video for the song. Professionally produced the HD imagery is just fucking ace.

Best thing we’ve heard in absolutely ages…






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