Guy Clark

More sad news as Guy Clark passes…
I first became really aware of Clark when a friend gave me a copy of his 2011 live album ‘Songs and Stories’. I was smitten on first listening.
This was a 70-year-old Clark along with his mates – many of a similar age – just absolutely nailing it. But nailing it in a lovely melancholy way. Clark and his musicians are all seated as they play songs from his and others expansive catalogue. The title tells most of the story for that is what the double album is all about: Songs and stories. Well that and exquisite musicianship. All done in a quiet, unobtrusive way. Everything that modern music isn’t and all the better for that.
After coming to love the album I naturally looked back at his earlier albums and realised that he was a songwriting genius. If you don’t know his work then I’d heartily recommend that you have a listen.

There’s a very comprehensive obituary here:

Meanwhile here is – probably – his most well-known song:
Rest easy Guy and take good care of Susanna


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