Alice Jemima

Now this is what Tom Tom Club would sound like if they came from Devon. And while Tom Tom Club are fronted by a pretty girl with a big bass guitar Alice Jemima is a pretty girl with a big Höfner guitar!
Alice is a new addition to Radio 1 DJ and Bestival co-founder Rob da Bank’s label ‘Sunday Best’ and has just revealed her new single Liquorice, taken from her debut EP of the same name released on June 17th 2016.
The ‘Liquorice’ EP was produced by Jemima & Simon Byrt and the EP title track features Jemima’s sultry sweet vocals, set against a deep rolling bass-line overlaid with synths and drums. Jemima has subsequently worked with producer Roy Kerr (London Grammar, Bloc Party, Foxes) on her forthcoming album which drops later this year.
Jemima describes her debut Liquorice EP as being about, “Relationships, terrible nights out and her early experiences of the record industry,’’ and the EP title track as being, “A song about trying to please other people, and then drifting off into this imaginary world to try and please yourself.”
Notably, several years before she signed to Sunday Best, Jemima’s songs had initially caught the attention of Rob da Bank. In fact a very specific song of Jemima’s had come to his attention, as Jemima explains: “He was doing a competition called ‘A Song In Seven Hours’ where you responded to random song titles such as – Psychedelic Bacon. I wrote a song about that, he liked it, and I won tickets to Bestival.” From that slightly random entry point the pair maintained contact, with Jemima being invited in to do a session at Maida Vale.
Jemima’s breakthrough arrived in 2014 when her sultry, enchanting cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity suddenly blazed its way to nearly 3 million plays prompting multiple label offers and a subsequent label deal with Sunday Best. ”
And that is where we are at now. A groovy bass line takes us into the candy shop of dreams and a piece of proper perfect pop. It’s a different groove, a song for this Spring and an infectious melody to get us through the showery days.
Keep your eyes and ears open for one of the finest new artistes around…


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