The Road to Paul Orwell

There’s always lots of sixties references on this site. And why not? Ditto the seventies. They were great times and it was great to live through them. As a kid in the 60s and a teenager in the 70s. For us of a certain age we will always reference those times. The music, the clothes, the films, the television – it was all just better. The art, though, is to reference those times and put (whatever you get from them) into living today…
And of course you didn’t have to live through those times to love them.
One great artist that clearly loves those times and references them is Paul Orwell. His 60s-influenced music has been shaking and stirring his many fans for some time and the fact that his output is both prolific and wonderfully quality-controlled suggests he’ll be gathering more supporters along the way.
I came across him through his video from last year for his brilliant single ‘You’re Nothing Special’. It is one of my favourite-ever videos. An homage to the film ‘Blow-Up’ featuring (this time) the beautiful Kirsty McAllister.

The single is from his limited issue vinyl-only album ‘Blowing Your Mind Away’ that is now changing hands for silly money but fear not there’s also plenty of Paul’s music out there on the internet.

His latest offering is by The Shoots – a sort of side-project I think – that features the vocals of Lord Essien. It’s quite, quite marvellous…

Just remember one thing: THIS MUSIC SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD


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