Chicago January 19, 2016

“Tonight I want you to come along with us as we go down The River.”
“So The River…
“The River was a record where I was trying to figure out where I fit in in the broader community…
“I wanted to make a big record that felt like life… fun, dancing, laughter, jokes, politics, sex, good comradeship, love, faith, lonely nights and of course tears.
“The other thing I wrote about was time: We each have only a finite amount of it to do our jobs, to raise our family to do something good. That’s The River!”

Bruce Springsteen Chicago January 19, 2016

For two days Springsteen’s people made available a free download of The River gig from a few days earlier in Chicago. Thanks to a mate I got in there just in time and – I’d wager – like all other Bruce fans I would state it’s a monumental, uplifting, exuberant and joyous performance.
It’s Bruce and the E Street band at their bombastic self. It isn’t Nebraska, Tom Joad or The Rising territory but after all the melancholy and tears of recent weeks it’s a welcome diversion.
Also as a live act is there anybody that can match them?


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