So bye-bye Mr Malky Mackay

So bye-bye Mr Malky MacKay. What a horrible, horrible episode in the history of Wigan Athletic Football Club. Mismanagement of the highest scale. Whelan, Sharpe, Jackson, the local press and everybody that backed this appointment should hang their heads in shame. The racists, the apologists, the bottlers you were all part of the problem. You all played your part in the utter mess that WAFC has become these last few months. That mess is not irreparable but it’s going to take a hell of a lot of hard work and change in attitude and philosophy to get it right. Has the board got the ability to do that? I don’t think they have but we will see. Meanwhile over on the terraces to some it will all be Roberto Martinez’s fault. That lot need to take a long look at themselves. One long look. And if you are part of this crowd and still think that way then there really is no hope for you. And given that a sizeable portion of the support appears to think this way then there might be no hope for Wigan Athletic Football Club. We will see…

As for Mackay. Well he came into the club as a dead man walking and that is how he will leave. It was an appalling appointment by Whelan but Mackay had a chance when he shouldn’t have had any. Yet he hadn’t the ability to take that chance. Frankly he is, was and always will be a dreadful manager. Many of us knew this from the onset. It was never going to work. He’s a dinosaur, can’t spot a player, is tactically inept while his man-management skills are out of the 1970s handbook. I’d like to say he’s yesterday’s man but the plain fact is he was never today’s man.


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