Tell me what they’re like


So where do you begin with Dexys? How do you solve a problem like Kevin Rowland?

Who knows? You might say who cares but many of us do. We always will. Because as the man says himself, ‘Good old Kevin he’ll be alright!’

Dexys matter. They always have and I guess they always will. Most of the original fans had consigned themselves to listening to the three albums plus a bit of live stuff when a couple of years ago – seemingly out of nowhere – they released a fourth album.

Titled One Day I’ll Soar and it did just that. It’s wonderful. Dexys were back. Back touring, a residency at The Duke of York’s theatre they had their mojo back. It had taken two and a half decades but Kevin, Big Jim, Pete Williams and others were back in the groove. And what a groove…

The great news was that the gigs were filmed by good guys Heavenly and the resultant Nowhere is Home – after a theatrical tour – was shown on BBC4 last Friday. It is now on the iplayer. If you have an interest in music, fashion, culture and men on the verge of a breakdown then it is essential viewing. It is sensational. Never easy viewing but it is heartwarmingly beautiful. In turns funny and sad, inspirational and life-affirming.

Just down expect to hear Come on Eileen…


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