Fine Margins

Fine margins, fine margins. Well if Fulham and Rotherham happen to win tonight (Wednesday 18 March) then those fine margins will be nine points. If both lose then they remain six points above Mackay’s Wigan Athletic.
This is what it is about when you are at the arse end of a football league. Grasping for straws, looking for get-outs, hoping for miracles. Yet there is no such thing as miracles in football. Yes luck sometimes plays a part in that but mostly you win football matches by hard work. If everybody at Wigan Athletic works their bollocks off then they’ll have a chance of getting out of this mess. If they work harder than Rotherham and Fulham then they can replace one of the above – fourth from bottom. Fine margins, fine margins.
There is no point in going on about how and why the obnoxious Mackay ended up in Wigan (well in Wigan twice a week if you believe the rumours). The man’s here and as all can see he’s a piss-poor manager. It really wasn’t worth all the hassle yet still a section of the Latics support refuse to speak out against him or anybody involved with the football club. If you are one of those people you are part of the problem. Whelan, Sharpe, Jackson and Mackay should all be pilloried for their involvement in all of this. They are all piss-poor at the best and incompetent at the worst.
As I said earlier you have to work really hard to run a football club. Just ask anybody that runs a Sunday league side how much (unpaid) work they put in (in) a week. It isn’t a place for 4am midweek casino visits and corporate jollies with Big Fat Fucking Sam. And that applies to everybody at the club.
But as fans we have a right to expect that all work hard. We also expect those highly paid employees to be competent in what they do. Can you say that about Mackay? If you can you don’t understand football. Don’t get me wrong managers like Mackay can be successful. They are the gang that – lacking any real football nous and tactical ideas – get a set of lads playing as a team. Battling together, having a great team spirit and grinding out results. Mackay’s done it before and he may well do it again. His mate Dyche’s doing it at Burnley. It isn’t pretty and when it isn’t working it’s gruesome as is evidenced at Wigan at the moment. Then again – given the predicament – gruesome is probably the way to go now. There is no alternative. Mackay isn’t good enough to change tactics, to outgun other manager’s tactics. This is a time to defend and play on the break. Battle for the points. Then when it’s over and whether it is Championship or League One questions should and must be asked and answers demanded.
Why was Rosler sacked?
Why was Mackay appointed?
Explain properly the club’s stance on/and reaction to Mackay’s racist, homophobic and sexist views.
Was anybody else interviewed for the job?
Will Mackay be retained as manager and if so give a detailed reasoning for this?
And if he is then explain his working hours. Has he moved up north?
Why was there a complete fire sale in January? Explain in depth the reasons for loaning out Riera, Delort, selling Forshaw etc.
Why has the pitch been neglected? What are the plans to improve this?
Why is Billy Mckay not playing?
Loan players? Why? What is the point? Of course there is a point and a reason but we need the club’s reasoning for this apparent ragtag employment policy.
What is happening with the new training ground?
And can we have the real reason a new site is needed for this? Why not develop Christopher Park?
Explain the scouting system from lowest age level up to the first team.
What – honestly – can a 23-year-old chairman bring to the football club?
If Jon Jackson really can’t ‘put his finger on why it’s gone wrong’ why is he Chief Executive?
If relegated how will this affect staffing at the club? Will there be redundancies?
Is the club aware/bothered about the alarming fall in attendances and what are they doing about it?
And they are just a few of the very relevant questions that fans should be asking and the club should be answering. They are just a few of the questions that the local press should be asking and the club should be answering.
The press quite simply won’t ask them so it’s over to the fans.
As it is all parties – the club and the laughable fans representatives seem more concerned with the catering in the ground. Fine margins with those pies, fine margins…


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