Officially Aficionado


Aficionado Recordings are quite simply producing the goods time after time. Their 11th release – If I Could Tell You by Nev Cottee is utterly stunning. Here’s what Piccadilly Records have to say about it:

“…Perhaps the flowers really wanna grow…”

After bringing tears to glass eyes across the globe with the lovelorn beauty of ‘Oslo’, Nev Cottee returns to Aficionado with this 10″ beauty of Spring promise.
Rather than the balladeer of his previous outing, this time round Cottee stands inspired with the arcane knowledge of a prophetic troubadour, kaleidoscopic robes flowing behind him in the desert wind.
At one with the cosmos, Nev speaks the gospel from the heart, those warm vocals riding the swelling wave of soaring strings, frazzled guitar and undulating synth. Driven by the percussive rumble of steady backbeat and lilting bongos, ‘If I Could Tell You’ shimmers with the sun-blazed psychedelia of Laurel Canyon and the transcendent frequencies of ‘Summer Madness’ before collapsing with a cascade of keys into a harmonic ocean all of its own.
Backed with the unadulterated healing frequencies of an instrumental version, this is another modern classic brought to you by Manchester’s finest selectors.
Officially Aficionado – out next month.

Meanwhile if you’re in the Manchester area check out the Aficionado guys Moonboots and Jason Boardman – and their old mucker Phil Mison at a do that Oi Polloi and Nude jeans are putting on next Thursday. It takes place at The Whiskey Jar on Tariff Street, Manchester M1 2FF and kicks off at 6pm. Tickets are free but you need to email as space is limited.



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