Sole Boy: Contributors wanted


I am currently working on a book called Sole Boy that explores my own and man’s love affair with footwear.
It is a bright and breezy book with no real agenda other than to talk about a life in shoes and how those shoes have reflected mine (and others) social and work lives.
From kids shoes to Doc Martens, trainers and shoes for weddings, football boots and dancing shoes.
It will incorporate footwear disasters, favourite shoes and maybe even putting the boot in!
It will look at how certain shoes, boots and trainers have developed a cult following among their wearers and how they have been at the forefront of youth movements and how as we grow older we actually do/should begin to act our age rather than our shoe size.
As I say there is no agenda and with that in mind I’m looking for contributors.
All I’m after is your tale(s) about footwear. It can be about your general love of shoes or trainers. A love of a brand of shoes; a love of a certain shoes. It can be about your favorite pair of trainers or even your obsession with trainers. Funny stories about shoes, tales about searching for footwear and if anybody wants to/can tell me why pointed shoes beneath too-tight suit trousers is a good look then feel free!
Once the book is nearing completion I’ll be pitching it around the publishing houses and of course if no joy will simply self-publish. In keeping with the bright and breezy nature of the book – and the fact that I slaved over my last tome -I’m looking to get the book out pretty sharpish.
So if you’ve a story to tell then please email me on:

  • Cheers and I look forward to hearing from you


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