Stan: The 22nd Coming

As one of the premier clobber bloggers on these isles, a clothesologist and the elder statesmen of Wigan threads I thought I better write about Stan.
All that above is complete bollocks, of course, but as there’s so much bollocks being written about Stan then why not join in? So here’s my first serve…

Stan being Stan Smith – one of the iconic tennis players of the 70s/80s. Or more correctly – in this case – the re-release of this classic training shoe that bears his name. Or trainee to give it the correct name. For it was on Merseyside where it first made an impact.
Now it is being called a sneaker but sod that; let’s go back to 1980. For that is when I first chanced upon these adidas trainers. Tranmere Rovers were at Latics and they had a little mob, all in green anoraks and white pumps. Legend – or a book and film – now tells me that those pumps were Stan Smiths. I honestly remember them wearing Dunlop Green Flash. I know that because I bought a pair on the Monday after the game! But hey legend says otherwise and regardless of how they were shod they got absolutely banjoed outside The Crofters!
My first pair of Stans came a year or so later when I got a pair of the – in my opinion far better – velcro strapover version. I loved those shoes. From gleaming white to mucky, grainy grey-white they were a great scruffy trainer. And there is nothing wrong with a scruffy trainer in my book. Yeah bright-white is alright but scruffy scuffy works as well.
These new Stans – officially relaunched today – are positively shiny toothpaste white. They’ll be snapped up by fashionistas, students, debutantes and footy lads. I’ll pass on them as I’ve two pairs atop of my wardrobe gathering dust but maybe, just maybe, they’ll get an airing this summer.
They’re a nice shoe with the three perforated stripes and Stan’s mug on the tongue and name on the heel. There are worse tennis shoes out there. I’ve worn worse. But I’ve also worn better.
But good on adidas’s marketing department as Summer 2014 is likely to be SW19 central. Game, set and match.


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