Ian D Montfort is Unbelievable

There’s a bit of comedy on Radio 2 this Thursday (7 February) @ 9.30pm in the shape of ‘Ian D Montfort is Unbelievable’.
And if the one-off show he did a year or so back on Radio 2 is anything to go on it is going to be very, very good.
Montfort is a celebrity spirit medium and psychic from Sunderland and is the alter ego of character comic Tom Binns.
Ian D Montfort has been a hit at the last three Edinburgh festivals with his combination of magic and laughter.
But it’s more than that it’s mind-boggling brilliant.
What starts off as your usual naff medium/psychic-type performance – albeit with a very dry humour and brilliant parody – takes a strange turn when Binns stops taking the mick and starts reading minds for real.
He’s as sharp as a knife, his timing is brilliant and it is truly bizarre!
Here’s what the Beeb say:
In this series of four radio shows Montfort makes contact with the celebrity ‘spirit guides’ secretly chosen by audience members and reveals personal stories that make them laugh-out-loud one moment and gasp in surprise the next. Each episode features a different celebrity guest who gets a ‘private’ reading from Ian. The first episode stars former Corrie and Holby actress Angela Griffin who reveals more than she bargained for as a traumatic day at P.E. is revisited, and other guests across the series are Ruth Madoc, Hardeep Singh Kohli and Joe Swash.
Performed and written by: Tom Binns
Additional Material from: Richard Turner, Tony
Cowards and Simon Littlefield.
Produced by: Julia McKenzie.

Really is well worth a listen…


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