‘Femme / Object (Woman / Object)’

Now this does look good. Sadly it’s in Paris but Femme / Object (Woman /Object) – Linder at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, is a must see if you’re popping over any time from Friday to 21 April 2013.
It is probably apt that the scouse girl that grew up in Orrell, Wigan – performance artist – Linder Sterling is showing abroad and not in this country.
For she is largely left out of all the Manchester/Madchester history while far lesser artistes are lauded. She was there at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, produced the brilliant sleeve for Buzzcocks’ Orgasm Addict, shot wonderful images of Ian Curtis, was bezzie mates with Morrissey and influenced him more than any other person and has never stopped working (in art, photography, ballet etc) since. Now, she is staging a one woman show at MaM. ‘Femme / Object (Woman / Object)’ bringing more than 200 of her prized works together, from her famous photographic collages to the edible dresses, first seen in 1982, that got everyone talking when Lady Gaga wore one in 2010 (yeah THAT dress).
This exhibition is the first retrospective of Linder’s work and we can only hope it transfers to Britain specifically and the north-west in particular in the near future.

There will be an article on Linder’s work in the February Issue of Loire…


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