Food of the Gods

I’m skint at the moment. I’m always skint but at this precise instant I’m really, really skint.
I can’t even cut down on anything as there’s nothing left to cut down on. Well there are a few things but I’m of the firm belief that good beer isn’t cheap and cheap beer isn’t good so my proper real ales on a Saturday is staying put!
As is my weekly visit to the chippy. However on the last couple of occasions I’ve had to forego the usual fish, chips and mushy peas and plump for that northern staple: chips and curry sauce.
And you know what I think it might just be one of the greatest dishes ever made/concocted.
God knows what goes into the sauce – and to be fair I think it’s better not to enquire – but the mixture of hot crisp chips covered in this sauce is absolutely marvellous.
Basically it’s a thick greeny/browny/yellowy gravy. Just the right ‘hotness’, nothing special and not entirely pleasant on the eye but when you need something more than a tray of chips or something a bit more spicy than chips and gravy then you can’t go far wrong with chippy chips and chippy curry sauce.
And a million Jamie Olivers can tell me no different!


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