Where are we now?

So after maybe fifteen listens I have to say the new David Bowie song is rather lovely.
Yes it’s melancholic, brooding, sad but very, very lovely.
His first product for ten years is a reflective look back on his raving years with Iggy in Berlin in the late seventies.
While the older Thin White Duke is now, according to producer Tony Visconti, “Very healthy… rosy-cheeked… a very happy David Bowie” the video that accompanies ‘Where are we now?’ does little to dispel rumours that he has been in ill health/become a recluse.
Add in lyrics like “lost in time” and “just walking the dead” all delivered in a mournful voice over a delicious piano-laden melody that gives way to an orchestration that builds to a chorus of: “Where are we now? Where are we now?/The moment you know you know you know” it is all tear-jerkingly beautiful.
Is he trying to tell us something?
I don’t think so and we must take Visconti’s word that the remainder of the album is more upbeat, less reflective.
As he told the BBC, “The material is so strong and beautiful – if people are looking for classic Bowie they’ll find that on this album, but if they’re looking for innovative Bowie, they’ll find that on this album too. It’s all there.”
That album ‘The Next Day’ – his 24th studio album and first in a decade – will be released on 12 March.
The Bowie freaks are rightly excited but until then ‘Where are we now?’ will suffice and my guess is between now and then I doubt you will hear a song as beautiful.
Welcome back Mr Bowie, welcome back.


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