Onesie for the Road

There is a lot of stuff that passes through my twitter timeline that I haven’t a Scooby about.
If I’ve time and it looks to be of interest then I might google it but most of the time #wtfwasthatabout drifts on by.
However when somebody mentions they’ve seen somebody walking around town “wearing a onesie”, and given that I am the elder statesman (self-appointed) of all things sartorial in Wigan and its environs, it would be amiss of me not to comment.
Cue google and cue a sincere WTF!
Now it abhors me that grown men wander around dressed like a toddler in their ill-fitting shorts or sweat pants, crap hoodie and bad trainers but to go around in what is essentially an adult romper suit/babygro is taking it too far!
After a cup of tea to recover I forget about it all.
Until I have the misfortune to catch the Christmas Top of the Pops where I see somebody, something or some band called Rizzle Kicks wearing the said garment.
At this stage I should type OMG – as this would appear to be the type of speech pattern associated with people that would wear a onesie – but I’ll just bang my head against the wall instead.
Then yesterday I read a piece in the i paper by Deborah Ross who was also regaling against this polyester abomination.
Deborah’s main gripe was how do you go to the toilet in it and I must admit that had crossed my mind.
It crossed by mind just after thinking what a twat you look like wearing one!

Image and more info from:

Meanwhile here are five fashion disasters that I’ve fallen for:

Platform soled shoes.
They’d looked great to our teenage rebellion eyes but playing football at lunchtime in them was a complete disaster.

Wrigleys Chewing Gum belts
Just before platform soles and yes you’ve read it right; these were belts – in plastic with a chewing gum packet design on it. They did them in spearmint, doublemint and juicy fruit designs. Needless to say I had all three.

Birmingham Bags
Oxford Bags were great. We all thought we’d stepped off the set of Brideshead Revisited in these most of elegant of trousers. Then it all went wrong and somehow the trousers got wider and had numerous pockets and buttons all over them. There were some good things to come out of Wigan Casino – these weren’t one of them!

Safety Pin earring
“And we don’t care”

Iconic, comfortable, majestic, imperial, stylish…?
Yes of course – but in pink!?!

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