Glam! The Performance of Style

One of the must-see exhibitions this Spring is down at the V&A in London where the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie takes place. It will feature more than 300 objects that include handwritten lyrics, original costumes, fashion, photography, film, music videos, set designs and Bowie’s own instruments.
My tickets are already booked and like a kid at Christmas I can’t wait. However for those of us that were daft schoolkids back then there was a lot more to music and especially Glam Rock than David Bowie. Sure, Bowie was at the pinnacle of it all but you can add in a whole lot more including Roxy Music, Sparks, Mott the Hoople, Cockney Rebel and SAHB to name just a few.
Of course, back then we were just into the music but now we can look back at how it all came together and how it influenced things after it.
So it’s great to see that between 8 February – 12 May 2013 Tate Liverpool are holding an exhibition entitled: Glam! The Performance of Style
Admission is £8 with concessions and family tickets available.
Meanwhile all I can say is – just go and enjoy it as it looks ace and without further ado here is what the Tate has to say about it:

Glam, a visually extravagant pop style exploded across Britain during the years 1971-5. The exciting, futuristic sounds, extravagant fashions and glitter-dappled personas emerging in this era had their roots firmly in British art schools.
Glam! The Performance of Style is the first exhibition to explore glam style and sensibility in-depth. The exhibition investigates artistic
developments in Britain Europe and North America through the prism of glam, examining painting, sculpture, installation art, film, photography and performance.
Bringing together more than 100 artworks the exhibition will reveal the genealogy of glam.
Themes of glamour, camp, exaggerated identity, androgyny, eroticism and dandyism will be explored in the work of David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Allen Jones, Richard Hamilton, Peter Hujar and many more.
The exhibition also includes a new adaptation of Marc Camille Chaimowicz’s spectacular, glitter-strewn installation Celebration? Realife featuring mirror balls, strobe and stage lighting and music including David Bowie.

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Talks and lectures
Saturday 23 February, Saturday 23 March and
Saturday 20 April, all at 14:00-15:00

Friday 15 March 10:00-16:30 and Saturday 16 March 10:00-16:00

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