She knows you know

I have no idea what I was googling when I found this picture – and I’d rather not think too much about it but… I do like this simple drawing. A bit different to those from the 70s with the bloke with the beard and the girl with equally as much hair!
In this case we are dealing with an urbane couple. He’s wearing a very ‘on trend’ check shirt/cardigan/chinos combination while she looks as elegant as fuck in her ankle boots with the killer heels. He has even kept his glasses on! The sophistication of it all. I just hope they didn’t take too long as there appears to be a pot on the oven that is about to boil over…
I don’t know who did the drawing but I like it anyway. If you’d like to read further (yes, I have) then the articles called ‘Top 10 sex positions for mind-blowing orgasms’ and can be found at:


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